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Is Pinterest Right for You or Your Business?

Visual storytelling and graphic design are the future of marketing. What does this mean for us? Sharing photos and relevant links is engaging and fun, but Pinterest is not right for everyone. When deciding whether or not to create a Pinterest account for your business, look at what the industry leaders are doing.  Follow their … Continue reading

Give It Up… Or Else.

The new trend in hiring and recruiting: requesting social media passwords. It seems there’s a new trend in the job hunting world. Or maybe it is all a nasty rumor. (Recent news articles have me thinking otherwise.) After a recent conversation with peers, I decided to further investigate the issue of social media in the … Continue reading

Make Your Online Content RULE

Making Your Content Rule: A Lesson from CC Chapman  I recently had the pleasure of listening to CC Chapman speak at an SU Communications Conference for staff. CC spoke about the things to remember when producing quality content for your audience. Here are a few valuable points from his presentation. Creating content is easy. Creating … Continue reading

This Week in PR

Weekly links to relevant blog posts, news articles and anything else that catches my attention. I like to scour the internet for content that I can learn from, even if it is just how to construct a well-written press release. This weeks theme is PR for Dummies. PR For Dummies: Use Social Media (Duh) Why … Continue reading

PR Campaigns, Get Social

Social Media is changing the travel experience Conveying the magic of a travel experience can be difficult with advertising, that is where social media comes in.  Working with agencybobdonpaul, The BALSAMS Grand Resort Hotel in New Hampshire decided to use a social media campaign to tell the hotel’s unique story. The hotel’s “InnBedded Resorter” campaign used social media … Continue reading

Social Media FOMO, Are you suffering?

Mashable shared this great infographic with stats on who is suffering from fear of missing out (FOMO) because of social media, but more likely thanks to a Facebook stalking habit. You know what I am talking about. You scroll through your Facebook newsfeed only to find that seemingly everyone is having more fun than you … Continue reading

Could lawsuits be in the future for Pinterest lovers?

Pinterest Hires Lawyer from Google to Address Recent Threats I knew it!   I posted something on my blog months ago about copyright concerns on Pinterest. I wasn’t the only one who was a little concerned about this. Kristen, a lawyer and photographer, also posted about her “tearful” parting with her Pinterest boards. With its recent growth and success, … Continue reading

Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter

My Biggest Social Media Pet Peeve: The Anti-Social Twitter User My Unfollow button has been getting a lot of action lately, because I’ve noticed a new trend on Twitter. The worst offenders are usually CEOS and business professionals, but college students are guilty, too. While posting interesting and relevant links on Twitter (along with at … Continue reading

This Week’s PR News

This week’s public relations articles worth reading. Enjoy! Is McDonald’s The Dr. Evil of the Blogging World   – McD’s not-so-ethical approach to build a community of bloggers Why You Need To Protect Your Clients with a Social Media #Crisis Plan  – This is a lesson that has been learned the hard way for many brands … Continue reading

Facebook IPO, Privacy Concerns

Facebook IPO raises new and looming privacy concerns for users I recently saw this post in my Facebook newsfeed: “For those of you that do not understand this posting Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Anyone can infringe on your right to privacy once you post on this site. It is recommended that you … Continue reading

Social Media & The Entertainment Experience

How Social Media is Transforming our Entertainment Experience with Music, Film & TV I recently read an article “Music, Film, TV: How social media changed the entertainment experience” that gave some interesting insight into how social media is enriching consumers’ experiences with music, film and television. Anyone who has participated in twitter-chats or live tweeting understands how social media … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline and Brands

Facebook Timeline for Pages Changes How We Connect with Brands I was recently promoting a fundraising event. It was a benefit concert for Autism Speaks, that I planned as internal philanthropy chair of my sorority. I decided to post the details on the Facebook Timeline of the venue that was hosting the benefit concert. When … Continue reading

‘SNOPA’ would ban employers, schools from demanding Facebook passwords

Originally posted on EDUtainment BLOG @ DEVRICK.com:
By Bob Sullivan A New York Congressman has introduced federal legislation nicknamed “SNOPA” that would make it illegal for employers and educational institutions to require a potential or current employee, or a potential or current student, to divulge personal online information as part of the hiring, enrollment or discipline process.…

Is Facebook Hindering Your Productivity?

Time Management in the Age of Social Media According to an article by Leslie Horn on pcmag.com there is new research out that claims Facebook can be more addicting than alcohol and tobacco. In an age when many college students spend more time online than off, it does seem plausible. The study found that many people are … Continue reading

The Pinterest Copyright Issue

The Pinterest copyright issue and the reason why I deleted my boards. Pinterest is a relatively new social media website that allows you to “pin” your interests to online boards and share them with your followers. One of the biggest problems that people are talking about now, though, is the posting and sharing of copyrighted … Continue reading