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Make New Friends, But Keep the Old…

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old: Building Valuable Media Relationships For public relations professionals, networking is a part of life. Being curious about the world, meeting new people and asking questions is like brushing our teeth: it just seems so obvious, right? Sometimes, it’s so second-nature that we forget if we actually did it … Continue reading

Give It Up… Or Else.

The new trend in hiring and recruiting: requesting social media passwords. It seems there’s a new trend in the job hunting world. Or maybe it is all a nasty rumor. (Recent news articles have me thinking otherwise.) After a recent conversation with peers, I decided to further investigate the issue of social media in the … Continue reading

7 Things You MUST Do Before Your Internship Ends

The Final Days in the Office: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Internship Experience This Wednesday is August 1st. The summer is slowly slipping away from us. Commence freaking out… If you are a college student like me, you are already mentally¬†preparing¬†for another chaotic semester of classes,¬†extracurricular activities, social events and much more. … Continue reading

I wish I’d Known As A Freshman…

Walking around campus on these beautiful spring days in Syracuse, I notice a few things: lots of adults with Otto stickers, teens with bright orange bags, and crowds of people huddled in entry ways. It is accepted-students week at Syracuse University. That means yet another year is coming to an end. It also means we … Continue reading