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Key Insights from PR Agency Professionals

The Key Insights from the Newhouse Public Relations Benchmark Trip to New York City Each semester, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications takes a group of PR seniors to NYC to visit various agencies, thanks to the generous contribution of a benefactor.  I had the privilege of meeting several established NYC public relations professionals who armed my … Continue reading

7 Things You MUST Do Before Your Internship Ends

The Final Days in the Office: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Internship Experience This Wednesday is August 1st. The summer is slowly slipping away from us. Commence freaking out… If you are a college student like me, you are already mentally preparing for another chaotic semester of classes, extracurricular activities, social events and much more. … Continue reading

Is Facebook Hindering Your Productivity?

Time Management in the Age of Social Media According to an article by Leslie Horn on pcmag.com there is new research out that claims Facebook can be more addicting than alcohol and tobacco. In an age when many college students spend more time online than off, it does seem plausible. The study found that many people are … Continue reading