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Infographic: How much data is created every minute?

Social Media Websites are more influential than ever with millions of users sharing and re-sharing content every minute For example, 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram every minute! Brands and organizations receive 34,722 “likes” on Facebook every minute! This demonstrates just how important it is for a brand to have a strong presence on social networking … Continue reading

Social Media FOMO, Are you suffering?

Mashable shared this great infographic with stats on who is suffering from fear of missing out (FOMO) because of social media, but more likely thanks to a Facebook stalking habit. You know what I am talking about. You scroll through your Facebook newsfeed only to find that seemingly everyone is having more fun than you … Continue reading

“Are Internships Still Worth It?”

In a recent post on OnlineColleges.net I came across this inforgraphic about the value of paid and unpaid internships.  Although there are instances in which interns are “abused” (in the sense that they end up doing someone’s busy work) I truly believe internships are worthwhile for college students looking to gain experience in their field of … Continue reading

Facebook IPO, Privacy Concerns

Facebook IPO raises new and looming privacy concerns for users I recently saw this post in my Facebook newsfeed: “For those of you that do not understand this posting Facebook is now a publicly traded entity. Anyone can infringe on your right to privacy once you post on this site. It is recommended that you … Continue reading

Facebook Timeline and Brands

Facebook Timeline for Pages Changes How We Connect with Brands I was recently promoting a fundraising event. It was a benefit concert for Autism Speaks, that I planned as internal philanthropy chair of my sorority. I decided to post the details on the Facebook Timeline of the venue that was hosting the benefit concert. When … Continue reading

Is Facebook Hindering Your Productivity?

Time Management in the Age of Social Media According to an article by Leslie Horn on pcmag.com there is new research out that claims Facebook can be more addicting than alcohol and tobacco. In an age when many college students spend more time online than off, it does seem plausible. The study found that many people are … Continue reading