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Defining Leadership in PR

Defining Leadership as a Public Relations Professional lead·er·ship   [lee-der-ship]  noun the position or function of a leader,  a person who guides or directs a group: He managed to maintain his leadership of the party despite heavy opposition. Synonyms: administration, management, directorship, control, governorship, stewardship, hegemony. (Dictionary.com) In one capacity or another, we are all members … Continue reading

This Week in PR News

This Week in PR: Relevant, newsworthy content for PR students and professionals Previously, these posts have been a compilation of my fortunate discoveries on the internet (i.e. articles and content I stumble upon in my daily online activity). This was until I discovered a wonderful thing called Google Alerts, which sends you regular emails regarding … Continue reading

This Week in PR

Public Relations News Articles and Blog Posts from this Week Six Ways to Intern Like A Pro – Tips that don’t just apply to interns: ask smart questions, get feedback, come prepared. Also, are internships still worth it? I think so. Companies moving from social media to social business, study says – Some very interesting statistics in … Continue reading

This Week in PR

Weekly links to relevant blog posts, news articles and anything else that catches my attention. I like to scour the internet for content that I can learn from, even if it is just how to construct a well-written press release. This weeks theme is PR for Dummies. PR For Dummies: Use Social Media (Duh) Why … Continue reading

PR Career Outlook for 2012

The Outlook for PR Careers in 2012 and Beyond At my main desk job, I often strike up conversations with the parents who are visiting or moving their students out of the dorms. Many of them are successful Syracuse alumni. One woman was asking about my career aspirations. I responded honestly and said that I still had … Continue reading


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